Rules You Should Obey in a NSA Relationship

Although adult affair finders who use these websites share the same purpose, that is, to find an NSA relationship, they want to find FWB for different reasons. Some people want to vent their emotions and find a comfort when they break up with their partners. Some people want to seek some stimulation because they feel that their sexual life lacks charm. But no matter what your reasons are, you may be considering joining a NSA relationship, because many people around you have tried FWB relationship and have given you good feedback. Although the NSA relationship can give you freedom and sexual enjoyment, which is a more casual relationship, there are still some rules you need to pay attention to in order to maintain a healthy FWB relationship.

1. Avoid hugging and communicating emotions

Even though these casual encounters know that this NSA relationship is only about sex, there are still a lot of people who feel good about their friends. It's normal. In fact, it's a very human thing. Remember, the person next to you is FWB. You shouldn't have any feelings for her except your sexual desire for her.

You may be busy dealing with the emotional problems of your real partner (even if you don't have a real partner, you have your own worries to worry about). Of course, it's great for you and your FWB to talk about problems and life, but it's impossible to embrace your body and communicate emotions. Sleeping late often leads to this situation, so don't fall asleep after sex!

To avoid this, you can set an alarm clock and leave at the expected time. Research has shown that men are more likely to fall in love with their friends than women. So men should avoid falling in love.

2. Speak up before having sex

Although direct access to sex is inevitable, it is equally important to set expectations with the FWB. At first you may feel a little uncomfortable, maybe with your best friend. Then the best solution is to talk to each other and be honest with each other. This usually helps you understand each other's expectations better, become more harmonious, and most importantly, have a better sex life. It's probably a good thing to know where your boundaries and sexually excited buttons are. What kind of sex do you two like? What makes you two excited? What are your illusions? NSA relationships are a good place to explore your inner desires, so talk about them.

3. Safety first

In any sense, it is absolutely important to safeguard your interests before entering your friends. You can never be sure what you are doing, so using condoms for safe sex should be your top priority. When things go crazy, the impulse to be unprotected becomes stronger. But always think about the consequences - do you want your life to be destroyed by STDs because of an accidental sexual encounter? Do you want to experience unwanted pregnancies and unnecessary expenses associated with them?