Several Things Related to FWB Relationships You Should Remember

As we all know, FWB relationship is always so attractive to people, but it brings us benefits, at the same time, it also has a lot of negative effects on us. Few FWB relationships can really evolve as we expect. So instead of jumping blindly into a FWB relationship and regretting it, it's better to keep these things in mind at the beginning.

1. FWB relationships are not meant to make your boyfriend jealous

Many times, women think that they put aside a formal, serious dating relationship they really want or already have to show that they don't care about their boyfriend or try to arouse their jealousy. If that's your goal, stop it now. This is not a true casual encounters relationship, and your intentions will hurt you. You say that just because you're afraid of losing their interest in you. You are willing to put yourself in a terrible situation and put your thoughts aside to please others. So don't treat yourself like that.

2. Their behavior may make you feel uncomfortable

In a FWB relationship, it is common to have feelings for your friends. When you have feelings for your friend, you will be very sensitive to his every move. For example, when he hasn't met you for a few days, you will wonder if he has established a quick flirt relationship with another person, and when he hasn't answered your message, you will become very restless. You are not what you were originally like! It will make you lose yourself, it will destroy you.

3. Jealousy always comes in quietly

If you see his intimate photo with another girl on the social media, you may wonder what kind of relationship this girl has with him. You may even want to know all the information about this girl. Maybe it's your possessiveness that triumphs over you, or maybe it's because you're in love with your friends.

4. You are considered a self-promoter

Sometimes, men especially want an environment without strings attached, because they don't want commitment from a relationship, but they need self-improvement. Sometimes they need solidification, they are still attractive, someone can make them feel the need. You, my friend, are probably a person who gives them much needed attention.

5. Don't expect a relationship in the end
Don't expect a relationship from your friendship. Most of the time, your dream is to be a person without emotional ties. Obviously, not all people are the same, but this is unlikely. Save your own trouble and recognize his requirements.

6. If you're not the one who ended it, it will hurt

It hurts when the other person finds someone who is worth being romantically involved and lets you sit down and talk about it, especially when you feel it. You may be hoodwinked because you don't know he's dating someone; you'll feel betrayed. You will not feel good enough and your self-esteem will be destroyed.